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Accounting Software Instructions


How Will the Core System Upgrade Affect Quicken, QuickBooks and Mint Users?

You will need to complete a few simple steps to make sure your accounting software aligns with our system update. Detailed, step-by-step  instructions are provided in the links below.  These Instructions are customized based on product and are available for both Mac and Windows users.  Please carefully review the information contained in these guides. Dates that are listed in specific tasks are time sensitive.

Please contact your local branch during normal business hours if you have questions or need assistance.

QuickBooks Online Instructions

Mint User Instructions

Windows Users: 

QuickBooks for Windows – Web Connect Instructions

Quicken for Windows – Web Connect  Instructions

Quicken for Windows – Express  Web Connect Instructions

Mac Users:

QuickBooks for Mac –  Web Connect Instructions

Quicken for Mac –  Web Connect Instructions

Quicken for Mac – Express Web Connect Instructions