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Business Online Banking Upgrade


Beginning March 17th you will notice a few changes to Business Online Banking.

Our new version of Business Online Banking is designed to make your online banking experience even easier! Watch our new Business Online Banking Tutorial for a detailed overview of the updated version.

Laptop open with Business Online Banking on screen and upgrade text
  • New Security Challenge page for multi-factor authentication
  • Enhanced masking when required to enter personal information
  • New password reset feature
  • Easier navigation and updated user profile management
  • Enhanced stop payment interface
  • Improved transaction history and search capabilities
  • New download option for processed transactions
  • Business Bill Pay now updates most user information in real-time
  • Customers enrolled in our Business Remote Deposit Capture product can make deposits with single sign on through Business Online Banking. Please note the “Deposit Checks” feature is only available to customers enrolled in Business Remote Deposit Capture.

First Time Log In Information

Business Online Banking login tab showing username and password

Beginning March 17th, you will automatically access the updated version of Business Online Banking when you log in. All of the information from the old version will automatically transfer to the new version.

All sign-in activity now takes place on a single page. You will notice that the “Access ID” field has been renamed “Username.” You will still log in using your existing credentials, simply enter your current “Access ID” into the new “Username” field as well as your current password.

If your mother’s maiden name isn’t on file, you will be prompted to enter this information when you first log in. This information is being collected as additional validation information for security purposes.

If you are having difficulty logging in to Business Online Banking, please log in directly from The Bank of Glen Burnie’s website to ensure you are using the updated and most current version. Remember that the URL will change due to the update, so be sure to update any bookmarks or favorites within your browsers. We recommend using one of the following browsers: Apple Safari 10, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox.

New Password Reset Option

Business Online Banking customers can now reset their password using the “Forgot password or PIN?” link. Users are authenticated by providing information in their profile (i.e. email address, mother’s maiden name, username). Once authenticated, a temporary password will be sent to the email address used to register for Business Online Banking. This password is only valid for a 15-minute window.

Security Challenge Page for Multifactor Authentication

With enhanced multi-factor authentication, Business Online Banking users can now request a one-time passcode in addition to using your security questions as an added layer of security when logging in. This passcode will be sent to the registered email address.