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Certificates of Deposit


Earn More for Your Money

What’s that mean? Simple. Open a Certificate of Deposit, or CD, with The Bank of Glen Burnie to put your money away to get more later. With flexible terms and competitive rates, you’ll be able to earn interest on the money you put away for the future. Start a CD for as low as $500!

Terms: Range from 30 days – 6 Years
Rates: Fixed rates (unless Bump-Up CD)
Bump-Up CD: Variable rates that allow you to take advantage of potential higher rates

Complete list of CDs with terms and rates

Additional information:

  • $500 initial deposit with the exception of the 13 month and 15 month which require $2,500, and 25 month which requires $5,000 and 14-month special which requires $10,000
  • Interest rate is fixed for the entire term of the certificate with the exception of all Bump-Up Certificate terms which are variable
  • Interest is calculated daily and credited monthly
  • Interest compounded in the account
  • Certificates automatically renew at current interest rate if not redeemed at maturity
  • Substantial penalty for early withdrawal (penalty does not apply to 30-day Certificates)


Open a Certificate of Deposit

Visit a branch, call us at 410-766-3300, or click here to get started with a Certificate of Deposit: Open Account button

View our current CD rates.

All interest rates are set by The Bank of Glen Burnie® and are subject to change at any time based on market conditions.