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Quicken®/QuickBooks® User Survey


At The Bank of Glen Burnie, we constantly strive to ensure our product offerings meet the needs of our customers. We are in the process of evaluating our current relationship with Quicken®/Quickbooks® and would love your input!

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Do you currently have a deposit account with The Bank of Glen Burnie?*
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please DO NOT complete this survey if you do not have a deposit account with The Bank of Glen Burnie.
Do you currently use financial management software?*
IMPORTANT NOTE: If your answer is "No" please DO NOT complete this survey.
Do you currently use this software to download your monthly bank statements or transactions from The Bank of Glen Burnie?*
Which financial management software do you use to download The Bank of Glen Burnie statements or transactions?*
Please select all that apply. If you do not use financial management software, please select "Not Applicable."
We welcome your feedback. As a reminder, please do not provide personal or account information such as account number, social security number, or your online banking username/password in any correspondence.