Schedule of Fees Print

Effective March 15, 2021

ATM Services 
The Bank of Glen Burnie
Withdrawal and Balance Inquiry
Foreign ATM (STAR®, Pulse®)$1.50
Foreign ATM (CIRRUS®)$2.00
Foreign ATM Balance Inquiries$0.50
Deposit & Other Account Services
Account Closed within 6 months$25.00
Account Research, per hour/minimum$25.00
Account Balancing (per hour)$25.00
Account Balancing minimum$12.50
ACH Notification of Change$3.00
Cashier's Check$10.00
Collection Item$25.00
Dormant Account, below $50$10.00
Dormant Account Fee, $50 or greater$20.00
Internet BankingFree
Levies and Garnishments$150.00
Medallion Signature Guarantee$10.00
Non-Customer check cashing (drawn on us)$5.00
Non-Sufficient Funds & Other Return Items
(ACH return Debit additional charge of $5.00)
Notary Work (per seal >3)$2.00
Photocopies (per page)$1.00
Rejected Check Items (MICR line)$2.00
Retirement Account External Transfer (prior to maturity)$50.00 *
Returned Deposit Item$10.00
Returned Deposit Item-Customer's own item$15.00
Signature Card Change (>1 in 12 months)$10.00
Stop Payment$35.00
Statement Copies $5 minimum$2.00 per page
Telephone BankingFree
Transfer (Non-Automated)$2.00
Undeliverable Statement$5.00
Wire Transfers
Outgoing Domestic$25.00
Outgoing International$75.00
Incoming Domestic$15.00
Incoming International$25.00
Business Remote Deposit Capture Fee Schedule
First Scanner, and any replacement of first scanner during term of service due to wear and tearfree of charge
Additional Scanners for Multiple Locationsmerchant responsibility
Access to Service$35.00 per month
Deposit Charge$0.12 per deposit
Onus checks scanned (checks drawn on The Bank of Glen Burnie)free of charge
Foreign checks scanned (checks drawn on banks other than The Bank of Glen Burnie)$0.12 per item
Replacement Fees
Personal Identification Number (PIN)$5.00
ATM/Debit Check Card$10.00
Safe Deposit Boxes (sizes and availability vary by branch)
SizeAnnual Rent
2.5" x 5"$30.00
3" x 5"$35.00
3.5" x 5"$40.00
5" x 5"$45.00
3" x 10"$55.00
5" x 10"$70.00
10" x 10"$140.00
Late Payment$10.00
Replacement Key$25.00
Safe Deposit Box Drilling$200.00
Business Services
Coin (per roll)$0.10
Currency (per $1,000 strap)$1.00
Night Deposit Key (replacement)$15.00
Night Deposit Lock Bag$20.00
Return Deposit Item-Special Handling (per month)$10.00
Zipper Money Bag$5.00