Employee Benefits

At the Bank of Glen Burnie, our employees are the foundation of our success. We are proud to offer our employees a comprehensive benefits package. We offer a wide range of benefit options that suit our employee’s individual needs. Specific benefits available to employees may vary based on hours worked and length of service.

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Our benefits package includes:

Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance Benefits
Our comprehensive benefits package includes medical, dental and vision coverage for full-time employees and their eligible family members. Coverage is available the first of the month following 30 days of employment.
  • Medical Care Coverage options include Kaiser Permanente HMO, Select Plan and Kaiser Flexchoice 16. Payroll deductions are determined by the options selected and is assessed on a pre-tax basis resulting in a decrease in income liability. Coverage is extended to a spouse and eligible dependents as specified by the plan.
  • Dental Care – The Bank of Glen Burnie offers dental coverage through Humana Dental. Employees may choose between the High Plan PPO and the Low Plan PPO.
  • Vision Care – Vision care benefits are offered to Bank of Glen Burnie employees through National Vision Administrators (NVA). This vision plan includes one annual vision exam by network providers, plus one page of prescription lenses/frames every 12 months determined by a fee schedule. Contact lenses may be substituted for lenses/frames. Employees can use non-participating providers but will incur a higher out-of-pocket cost.
401(k) Retirement Plan
The Bank of Glen Burnie offers retirement benefits for both full and part-time employees through participation in a 401(k) plan funded through salary reduction contributions each year on a pretax basis toward retirement. Employees are eligible (after attaining age 20) to enter this plan on January 1, April 1, July 1 and November 1 following six months of service. Employees who defer money into the 401(k) plan will receive a matching contribution from The Bank of Glen Burnie. The employer matching contribution is 50%, up to the first 6% the employee defers. Additional Information about the matching contribution and vesting schedule is available through the Human Resources department.
Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Health Care Flexible Spending Account
  • Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account
The Bank of Glen Burnie offers employees the option to participate in a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to help manage out of pocket costs by setting aside pretax money from your paycheck to use for eligible expenses. Participants may contribute up to $96.15 per pay period into a Health Care and/or Dependent Care Spending Account(s).
Insurance Benefits
  • Group Term Life and Accidental Death/Dismemberment Insurance – The Bank of Glen Burnie offers life insurance to full-time employees that is available the first day of the month following 30 days of employment. This benefit is paid 100% by the bank. The amount of life insurance is 1.5 times basic annual salary, not to exceed $60,000. Coverage up to $50,000 is non-taxable.
  • Supplemental Insurance – Various supplemental coverage is available to full-time employees through The Harford Insurance for the employee, spouse and/or child(ren). Rates vary based on personal circumstances and coverage selected. Some coverage may require medical underwriting.
  • Short -Term Disability Insurance – Short-term disability is available to full-time employees after completion of an initial evaluation period of six months. After eligibility, coverage is effective from the 6th day to the 90th day of disability. The amount of short-term disability pay is based on length of service.
  • Long -Term Disability Insurance – Long-term disability is available to full-time employees after completion of an initial evaluation period of six months. After eligibility, it is effective after 90 days of disability. This benefit is provided at no cost to the employee.
Paid Annual Leave and Paid Holidays
The Bank of Glen Burnie offers generous annual leave to full-time employees. Annual Leave accrual is available the first of the month following 30 days of employment and is based on years of service. Paid Holidays are available immediately upon hire. BofGB recognizes approximately 10 holidays per year. Part-time employees are paid holiday pay for the hours they are normally scheduled to work on the day of the holiday.
Education Assistance
Available after completion of one year of service. Specific courses or courses taken as part of a degree or certificate program that are related to the employee’s job and approved by the manager and the Director of Human Resources are eligible for tuition assistance. Reimbursement in full will be made for tuition, registration, lab fees, and books at the time of registration. The employee is responsible for reimbursing The Bank for all costs associated with a course that is either dropped or a grade level of “C” or higher is not attained.
Work Life Balance
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Employees and their household family members receive up to three (3) free and confidential counseling sessions with The Hartford. These can be for personal and work-related concerns, including, but not limited to: crisis, family and parenting issues, stress and anxiety, emotional well-being, marital and relationship concerns, substance abuse, grief and loss, communication issues, anger management and co-worker conflict. The Bank of Glen Burnie’s EAP also offers free, expert consultation regarding legal and financial matters.
  • Wellness Programs
  • Annual Company Events
  • Business Casual Fridays
  • Flexible Schedules
All benefits listed are intended as a general summary. Plan documents provide more detail and prevail if there is a discrepancy.