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Remote Deposit Capture


Bank on your schedule, not ours.

Remote Deposit Capture offers business customers a cost-effective way to deposit checks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Optimize your business cash flow and make deposits right from your office into your BofGB checking account any time of day without making a trip to the bank. Businesses scan checks received from customers using a web-based desktop scanner and PC. Once scanned, users transmit the scanned check images over a secure internet connection to The Bank of Glen Burnie for posting and clearing.

Remote Deposit Capture is subject to approval. Customers must be enrolled in Business Online Banking and have a Business Checking Account to use Remote Deposit Capture.  Non-Profit Checking, Small Business Checking, Business Interest Checking and Premium Interest Checking Accounts cannot enroll in Remote Deposit Capture. Additional fees, deposit limits and other restrictions may apply.


  • Streamline cash flow by consolidating deposits from multiple locations into a single financial institution
  • Make deposits 24/7
  • Save time preparing deposits
  • Reduce time and costs spent on courier fees or trips to your local branch
  • Reduce risk of fraud
  • Great for businesses with multiple locations and those who have a large number of check payments each month/checks with large dollar amounts
  • Make deposits after business hours
  • Improve staffing levels

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