CD Rates Print

All rates are subject to change at the Bank’s discretion based on current market conditions. These rates are effective August 29, 2022.

Regular CD Rates (Certificates of Deposit)*

 Minimum Opening DepositInterest RateAPY Annual Percentage YieldMinimum Balance Required to Earn APY
CD 30 Day$5000.05%0.05%$500
3 Month$5000.05%0.05%$500
6 Month$5000.05%0.05%$500
12 Month$5000.10%0.10%$500
18 Month$5000.10%0.10%$500
24 Month$5000.15%0.15%$500
36 Month$5000.15%0.15%$500
48 Month$5000.15%0.15%$500
60 Month$5000.20%0.20%$500

* A penalty is imposed for early withdrawal from a CD. An exception applies for early withdrawals from a 30-day CD.