Updated Card Management Features Now Available

A modern, connected card experience is at your fingertips

Staying in control of your BOGB debit card has never been easier.  Our upgraded Personal Mobile Banking app seamlessly integrates card management features right into your mobile banking app and replaces BOGB Card Control. Our updated app puts more control, convenience, and safety in your hands. From clearer merchant transaction information to robust fraud protection, now you can do even more from one convenient place.

What happens to controls and alerts that were already set up in BOGB Card Control?

All controls and alerts set up using BOGB Card Control will automatically be transferred. When opening the Personal Mobile Banking app for the first time after the update on September 13th, users will see a message announcing our new card management features. If you have auto-updates enabled, your app will automatically update. If you don’t have auto-updates enabled, you will simply be prompted to update to the latest version of the app to begin using these great new features.  The app may take a few minutes to update.

If you haven’t been using BOGB Card Control, it’s a great time to start setting up alerts and controls! Once logged in to our Personal Mobile Banking app, simply tap “My Cards” to begin.  If you are new to mobile banking altogether, use the links below or search for “Bank of Glen Burnie Personal” in your app store to download our Personal Mobile Banking App.

The BOGB Card Control app no longer works as of 9/13/22. After this date, please be sure to delete the old BOGB Card Control app from your device.

cell phone line art with $ symbol and lockFeel more empowered.

Control your cards on your terms.

  • Turn your cards on/off at your discretion.
  • Know where every card is stored online.
  • Set spending limits and limit transactions based on location, amount, merchant type, and transaction type.
  • Create travel plan notifications for The Bank of Glen Burnie to ensure your card isn’t declined.
  • Easily dispute transactions.

cell phone line art with 24 hour convenience text bubbleDiscover more convenience.

Enhanced features enable a smoother user experience.

  • Enjoy 24/7 access to your cards via our mobile app.
  • Access card credentials without needing your physical card.

graph and money bag line art iconFind more clarity.

Deeper insight into spending means deeper understanding.

  • Get real-time alerts for your debit card transactions to stay informed.
  • Gain total transparency into every transaction with clear merchant names.
  • Keep track of spending with a quick glance.
  • View merchant name, logo, exact location on a map, and contact information.
  • Contact merchants directly based on transactions.
  • View spending by what, when, and where.

secure shield with check mark line artFeel more secure.

Use your card confidently with uncompromising fraud protection.

  • Report lost or stolen cards right from our Personal Mobile Banking app using the click-to-call feature.
  • Immediately turn off a lost or stolen card right from your phone.

Get Started Today!

  1. Be sure you are enrolled in Personal Online Banking.
  2. Download The Bank of Glen Burnie’s Personal Mobile Banking app using the links below.
  3. In your Personal Mobile Banking app go to “Quick Link” and click on “My Cards” to start managing and controlling your BOGB debit card.

Click the links below to download our Personal Mobile Banking App

Download the Bank of Glen Burnie Personal Mobile Banking App available in both Google Play® and the Apple® App Store. Using your mobile device, click on the appropriate links. Be sure to select our “Personal” App.

*Mobile carrier rates may apply. Your mobile phone provider may charge access fees or data usage fees to obtain web access or send/receive text messages.  Check with your service carrier about these fees. Apple is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.  |  Android is a trademark of Google Inc.  

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