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Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

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Apply to be a Full-Time Retiree!

Not only can a worthy candidate (like you) take advantage of potential after tax income with an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) with The Bank of Glen Burnie, you can also begin saving for the retirement of your dreams. Let’s find the right IRA to fit your needs.

Your options include:

  • Traditional IRA: TAX DEDUCTIBLE retirement account that is taxed when you withdraw your contributions.
  • Roth IRA: Taxed retirement account that is NOT taxed when you withdraw your contributions.
  • Education IRA: Like Roth IRA, but used for paying qualified education expenses for beneficiary of the IRA.

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Speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives for detailed information. Call 410-766-3300 or email thebankofglenburnie@bogb.net (link sends e-mail).

Open an Individual Retirement Account

Visit a branch, call us at 410-766-3300, or click here to get started with an Individual Retirement Account: . View our current IRA rates.